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Online Benefits Enrollment

When you streamline your benefits enrollment and administration process through technology you will free up your HR to handle other day to day operations.  Mur-Zac provides an easy-to-use online system to manage and streamline your benefits enrollment. The benefits enrollment process will become quicker and more manageable.  Online enrolling will help increase employee engagement.  Employees will be able to explore and learn more about their benefit options.  Here's a small sample of what online enrolling can do for you.

  • Eliminate the need for paper forms

  • Reduces errors

  • Gives access to real-time updates on enrollment progress

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Easy set up

  • Open enrollment

  • Employee on-boarding

  • Qualified life event changes

  • Simultaneous Core and Worksite Benefits Enrollments

HR Management Capabilities

Mur-Zac will also help design outsourcing programs that would streamline your HR administration.  HR system programs will be able to sync benefits and payroll so employers can:

  • Setup and manage PTO policies

  • Accept and track employee time off requests

  • Build and complete employee performance reviews and goal setting

  • Store and update employee forms and records digitally

  • View company org chart, directory, and search for employees’ contact information


Utilizing HR system programs can improve data accuracy, eligibility transmissions will become quick and seamless and employees will have a single online tool where they can make their changes and get information on the benefits program through the company.

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