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Benefits and Support Services

Innovation and Forward Thinking

Client as a Partner

Our goal is to provide great customer service to every client because our clients are the center of our business.  Our clients join the team to help us truly understand their business and their needs.  We will help you design a plan to implement a benefits program that will be competitive and secure the best talent in your industry.

Benefits Administration

Your Mur-Zac consulting team is dedicated to helping you focus on your business and increasing your employees satisfaction.  Our goal is to simplify the enrollment and benefits implementation process with you and your employees.  We try to make things quick and seamless.

Employee Benefits

It is important that your company offers employee benefits.  By offering benefits to your employees it shows that you are invested in them.  By designing a robust benefit plan it will help you attract and retain talent. It can also differentiate your business from your competitors.


Employee benefits compliance regulations have become more complex over the last few years.  Mur-Zac has teamed up with third party vendors that provide innovative solutions that will assist you in making sure your company is compliant with regulations like ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, FSA, HRA, HSA, and ACA.

Enrollment Strategies

Benefits administration technologies are constantly evolving.  Mur-Zac will consult with your company to see what enrollment solution will best fit your objectives and culture.

  • Online-Self Enrolling

  • Phone Assisted Enrolling

  • On-Site Enrollers (One on One)

Employee Engagement

Communication is key to engage and empower your employees.  Developing a strategy of communication will ensure that your employees understand the value of the benefits you will offer. We want to make sure that your employees understand their benefits and how to use them in the best and most effective way possible.  Mur-Zac will work with you to make certain your employees understand and appreciate the value of what you offer. 

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